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Biased analytical thoughts of an unprofessional...

These words will mean nothing... to you.

Die Confessions
14 May
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Welcome to biased analytical thoughts of an unprofessional.
takes a little piece of me
I just ramble. it happens.

takes a little piece of me
Please forgive me.

this is my best friend.
its love
go there: www.inforeverrock.cjb.net

This is me: Im a goofy possum.
its love
its love
its love
its love
its love

I have great friends. Some have become siblings, nevertheless, they have all become family.
We hang.
its love
We poke/smack eachother in bad places.
its love
We are all very passionate about music.
its love
We rock out!
its love
lol. thats not us, but we're just as cool. Woo!


I'm a juvenile writer/Poet... Getting through life, in a bad attempt. My one true love, is music.


I thought i should add more. Im a fatass black chick who likes, excuse me, loves rock music and gets judged because of it everyday. Mostly by her parents. tear.lol. but i still rebel and go to as many shows as i can, because thats the kind of person i am. I enjoy shows,moshing,being extremely dumb, taking naps with my friends, having odd conversations, watching porn with friends,laughing, writing, and music... all too much. I also like to bite people, nicely of course.

Ummm, basically im a freak and a half, times 4, so if you wanna hang in cass' shack, just bring some chicken and everything will be cool.

Music Quotes
"Wow, that was odd... i just kept on typing. You see what music does to you. it brings out the inner you. Im in love with music. Im the closest to love i can get with the most important thing in my life. its awesome."-Me

"*my love, and best friend(entry)
ive only got one true friend in this world. One. that im in love with,thats my family, one that cares, one that listens, one that gets the best of me, one that gives back. One that makes me feel true. one that creates beautiness, one that accepts my differenceness. One that doesnt look at race, one that doesnt look at my body. one that doesnt judge, one that hold me in arms near the core, the heart. one that understands, one that is with me all the time, one that is older than time, but still young and jubilant, and always changing. one that will never leave my side, one that is devoted to me. One that i am dedicated to. One that makes me want to live, one that saves me from death, one that puts a smile on my face,one that helps to pass boring time.One that makes me laugh, one that makes me be myself. One that helps me find my being, one that makes sure i am 100 percent then. one that cares about my anger, one that can solve my problems, one that provides all my inspiration, and one that i would die for. This is to my best friend beyond life, love, and friendship. The one and all ill ever need. My ode to you. Music."-Me
(hed)pe, 3 feet short, 311, a static lullaby, afi, alexisonfire, angelina jolie, aqua teen hunger force, as i lay dying, at the drive in, audioslave, babaloo, big boys, biting, bob marley, borialis, bottles, bowling for soup, bright eyes, brookside, bullfrog, bum ruckus, callanambulance, cape cod, catch22, chappelle show, chicken, circle takes the square, closer than kin, coheed and cambria, coldplay, cruel intentions, d12, dave mathews band, deftones, degrassi, die trying, dillinger escape plan, disturbed, donnie darko, dressed in you, dumbstruck, dumpster junkies, edward norton, eighty-six, etnies, evanescence, every time i die, falmouth, family guy, fight club, finch, from autumn to ashes, fruity pebbles, fusetv, gatsby's american dream, good live bands, greenday, greenwell, guitar, head automatica, hoobastank, humor, hyannis sound, i..gen, ill nino, incubus, indescretion, inforever, instant reaction, it burns clean, jackass, jim carrey, juliet, korn, laughing, less than jake, letterskill, limp bizkit, linkin park, lip piercings on guys, lost city angels, lpu, massachusettes, millencollin, mindless self indulgence, moments in grace, moon, moshing, murder by death, music, my chemical romance, my fatness, naping with people, night, nirvana, none but burning, nonpoint, our fate ends, p.o.d, pants, papa roach, pearl jam, piercings, poison the well, porn, punk music, red hot chili peppers, rhode island, rxbandits, senses fail, silenced forever, singing, ska music, sleeping, smile empty soul, socks, south park, staind, story of the year, sublime, sun, swimming, system of a down, tabs, taking back sunday, taproot, the dropkick murphys, the early november, the mars volta, the offspring, the rasmus, the shroud of turin, the used, the xyz affair, this day forward, thrice, thursday, tony hawks pro skater, trust company, underground bands, warped tour, wayne brady, weezer, whistler, yellowcard